Release: 1.5 GA
	New Functionality:
		1) Adoption of OpenAdaptor(tm) as Output Adaptor mechanism:
		 - The adoption of openadaptor allows out-of-the-box integration with over 20 types of output resources including (JMS, MQSeries, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, Flatfile, Sockets, FTP, eMail). Moreover, openadpators provides a powerful dataobject dictionary making the development of custom protocol parsers more simple and allowing data object elements to be mapped, managed and manipulated, so end-use applications are sent the data they need in correct format.
		- A number of dnasystem specific OpenAdaptor extension are supplied

		- The release contains pre-configured property files for sending data to a number of datasources like, SQL, Flatfile, JMS. 

		2) Support for local-only administration:
		- in addition to remote administration, user can now specify a “localyonly” administration. This option suppressed the requirement for running RMI servers like LDAP or rmiregistry and allows the user to stop the server via a ^C or kill command.  

		3) New Targeted Packet Capture Parser:
		- This new parser will capture all packet destined to a specified port or range of ports.  The packet can either be written directly to a local tcpdump style pcap file or sent to a datasource where it can be stored and later converted to a pcap file (using dna’s javapcap library and openadaptor).  

		4) New run scripts:
		- New run scripts have been created to make running the default configuration easier.  The scripts are set to the simplest options so user can run the dnasystem out-of-the-box without any configuration.  Scripts exist in the form of .bat files for win32 and .sh for linux/unix environments.  

		5) New install mechanism:
		- This release adopts VAInstall, an opensource multi-platform installer written in Java, making installation, de-installation and upgrades easier.  

		1) A number of files have been re-factored and reorganized from the Beta versions. 
		2) A number of bug have been fixed from the beta versions 
		3) The javapcap jni library has been reworked and cleaned up

	Know bugs or limitations:
		1) On linux, when specifying the word “any” for the interface option with -d changes the behavior of libpap to output a linux specific Layer 2 header. This header is not support in this version of the dnasystem.
		2) ICMP packets are not support in this release. 
		3) The dynamic registration of parsers have not been implemented in this release.

Release: 1.2b Beta
	New functionality:
		Additional Native PCAP Library support:
			- Support for live capture directly from a network interface, via command line option -d <device>
			- List devices available for live capture, via command line option -D
			- Support for Win32 via winpcap, Linux via libpcap. 
			- Support for L2 and L2 Encapulation:  Ethernet & PPOE

			- Layer 7 Parser Programmers guide
		xxxxxx	- /lib directory missing from build
		xxxxxx 	- contained wrong class for adminClient

Release: 1.1b  Beta
	New functionality:

		1265336 - summary flow output not showing up
		1265335 - error in output interface string with option -q
		1265332 - doc: CONFIG.SAMPLE contained wrong default port for rmiregistry

Release: 1.0b  Beta
	Initial release (new functionality):
		Contains support for:
			- Netfilter/IPTABLES (promiscuous mode for passive sniffing, and standard iptables for inline NAT/routers)
			- PCAP files 
		Output types:
			- MySQL
			- Flat File
		RMI Naming Service:
			- LDAP 
			- RMI (rmiregistry)