Deep Network Analyzer (DNA)
DNA Output

Output Adaptor

The output adaptor component of the DNA architecture, encompassing a powerful data dictionary and plugable resource adaptors, is responsible for transforming processsed data objects to a portable format and trasmiting them to external resource managers. The output adaptor is implemented using the OpenAdaptor opensource product.

Layer 4 Object Definitions and Output

The packet processor and session processor components of the DNA architecture are responsible for parsing the raw packets and producing the various type of Layer 4 output.

The following files contain the Layer 4 object data definitions and sample output:

Layer 7 Object Definitions and Output

The application protocol session parser and APP protocol parser toolkit components of the DNA architecture are responsible for processing and selecting and passing packets to the configured protocol parser components.

The protocol parsers are plugable modules developed to process a specific protocol or handle a specific task. New protocol parser can be easily developed. See javadoc and programmers guide.

The following list shows the current release's protocol parsers with their respective output and object data definitions: